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October Annual Meeting

The CAA Baseball/Softball Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 9 at 7pm at the Chanhassen American Legion. On the agenda is an overview of the 2016 season, a review of financials, and upcoming projects. The meeting will conclude with elections for the 2017 Baseball/Softball Program Committee.

Our board volunteers help make this organization run smoothly, and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to join. If you are interested, please contact Ted Ellefson at theodore.ellefson@gmail.com or Jennifer Weiner at jweiner.caa@gmail.com.


Open positions are as follows:

President of Baseball/Softball

Vice President of Softball

Safety Officer

Director of Volunteers

Director of Softball Tournaments

Director Softball West Metro Thunder

Softball Player Agent

Baseball Player Agent


Additional positions up for election with incumbents running for re-election are:

Secretary/Communications Officer (Jennifer Weiner)

Director of In-House Softball (Rechelle Hollowaty)

Director Traveling Softball (Meg Stone)

Director 9-11 Baseball (Steven Carstens)



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CAA BB/SB FINAL - Volunteer Fulfillment Report

Hello Parents,

Thank-you so much for volunteering your time to make this a great season!

This is our FINAL CAA Baseball/Softball Volunteer Fulfillment report as of Sept 27, 2016.

"Primary Parent" is listed next to the family's hours.  Please alert us if you see a problem with the number of reported hours.

The report is run directly out of the web volunteer system.  If you signed up on line, then the hours will be reported, otherwise, they are not.  For coaches to receive their volunteer hours they must have completed the coach registration and be listed on the team roster.

Report is for all "2016 Baseball" and "2016 Softball".  

Parents in Baseball Age 5/6 and Softball Fall were excluded in this report because they do not require volunteer hours.

Goto the Volunteer Information web page for more information about volunteer requirements.

For the 2016 season, volunteer hours must be completed by 9/1/16. Confirmation of hours will be published the beginning of August 2016 on the CAA website, with final confirmation published on 9/15/16.  Checks will be processed by 9/20/16.


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Exchange Items
Exchange Item Widget on Front Page (swap, lost and found, or for sale items)

This widget is used to list items for sale, found, lost, swap or for items that are wanted.

After you post an item, you'll get a form asking for a "key" before the message is actually posted.  This "key" is emailed to you at the address you give on the Exchange Item entry form.  Once you receive this email, enter the number on the form, and your item will be posted.

This is a great place to sell last year's bats!!!

Baseball/Softball Front Page: http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/

Exchange Item widget is on the Right Side of the BB/SB Front Page.

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Weather Cancelation Notifications
As a reminder:

Current day weather cancelations will be posted on the CAA BB/SB Front Page by 4:00 PM (if the cities close the fields).

Emails and text messages will also be sent by 4:00 PM.

After 4:00 PM (and the cities have not closed the fields per the above), it is up to the coaches/umpire to determine if the practice/game should be held.

Coaches can use their Manager Password to send an email and text message to their teams if necessary.

If no notification is sent out, meet at the field...
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Dugout Club Activities