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Baseball Tournament Team Selection

The purpose of this email is to provide a status update on tournament team selection and team announcement.

Tryouts for 9-11 Tournament teams and 13-15 Metro teams concluded on Tuesday. Our goal was to create an environment that was as consistent and fair as possible for all of the kids, and we feel that we accomplished this goal. Special thanks to the volunteers who worked stations, signed in kids, and chaperoned groups – we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Since the conclusion of tryouts, the player agents and age directors have been working feverishly to complete the team selection. At this time, we believe that we will be in a position to post many of the teams to the website by today (Friday, 24 March) at 5:00 PM.

The teams that will be announced include the following:

                a.  9-11 year-old Tournament – all levels

                b.  13 year-old Metro – all levels

*15 & 14 Metro teams are still pending the final high school team selections, and will be announced as soon as possible (2 April is the target date).

The following teams will be announced in April:

a.  5-8:  Following the draft targeted for the first week of April (Still looking for coaches!!)

b.  9-11 In-house:  Following the draft targeted for the first week of April (Still looking for coaches!!)

c.  12/13 Community Teams:  Mid-April

d.  14/15 Community Teams:  Mid-April

e.  16-18 SYBA:  Mid-April

We appreciate your patience with this process. While we acknowledge that no tryout system is perfect, our goal is to create a method that recognizes and balances past performance and tryout performance, and is supported by the appropriate checks and balances. Our desired outcome is to place kids on teams where they can make positive contributions, develop their skills and confidence, and continue to fuel their passion for the game. And while we think that we've accomplished this goal, our success ultimately depends on the support of you as parents. Your leadership sets the tone for how your kids will handle team placements, and in making your son's season the very best it can be. 

We wish you and your families a safe and fun spring break, and your teams the best of luck for an outstanding 2017 baseball season.

Thank you for your support of Chanhassen Athletic Association Baseball.

Play ball!

Jaxon Lang

Vice President, CAA Baseball

by posted 03/24/2017
Exchange Items
Exchange Item Widget on Front Page (swap, lost and found, or for sale items)

This widget is used to list items for sale, found, lost, swap or for items that are wanted.

After you post an item, you'll get a form asking for a "key" before the message is actually posted.  This "key" is emailed to you at the address you give on the Exchange Item entry form.  Once you receive this email, enter the number on the form, and your item will be posted.

This is a great place to sell last year's bats!!!

Baseball/Softball Front Page: http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/

Exchange Item widget is on the Right Side of the BB/SB Front Page.

by posted 01/18/2012
Weather Cancelation Notifications
As a reminder:

Current day weather cancelations will be posted on the CAA BB/SB Front Page by 4:00 PM (if the cities close the fields).

Emails and text messages will also be sent by 4:00 PM.

After 4:00 PM (and the cities have not closed the fields per the above), it is up to the coaches/umpire to determine if the practice/game should be held.

Coaches can use their Manager Password to send an email and text message to their teams if necessary.

If no notification is sent out, meet at the field...
by posted 04/21/2011
Dugout Club Activities