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P2P Tryout Prep Programs
2016 Baseball and Softball Registration is open and TRYOUTS ARE NEXT MONTH! Be sure to register ASAP as late fees begin on March 1. Get ready with any of the P2P pre-season prep programs.
• P2P Tryout Prep Clinics start February 14 and are almost full
• Academy and Lessons are still available
P2P Academy
• Instruction + Unlimited Facility Access
• Small class size (4:1)
• Flexible schedule to customize your training (2-5-8-12 classes/mth options)
• Classes start as low as $75/mth for access + 2 classes
(contact Kevin Nagel to look at registering as a group: kevin_nagel@pitch2pitch.com)
P2P Pre-Season Tryout Prep Clinics
• Feb 14 - Mar 6
• 4:30-6:00 (9-11 yr olds)
• 6:00-7:30 (9-11 yr olds)
• 7:30-9:00 (12-14 yr olds)
• All-Skills Covered + Dry-Run of Tryouts
• Very popular & fill fast!! - FEW SPOTS REMAIN -
P2P Lessons
Lessons are also available for 1:1 instruction.
For additional details go to pitch2pitch.com

by posted 02/10/2016
Register for Baseball/Softball NOW!

Believe it or not, baseball and softball season is just around the corner!

Registration for baseball and softball, ages 5-18 is open. Late fees will be added to registrations after March 1, so don't delay, sign up now! Registration closes on March 11. (Except 5-6 Coach Pitch baseball and 16-18 Babe Ruth baseball.) If you need any incentive, here's a little list to help remind you why baseball (and softball) is the best sport!

(via Cassie Kolias, bleacherreport.com)

10. The more games the better

9. No need for cheerleaders

8. Baseball isn't a rush to the finish

7. The uniforms

6. Baseball values history

5. The ballparks

4. They must play it out

3. The home run

2. Opening Day

1. The fans

by posted 02/10/2016
ACTION 2016 BB/SB Sponsor assistance

Hello CAA Baseball & Softball families,

We are beginning our 2016 Sponsor drive here in CAA Baseball/Softball.  Sponsors help our program with operating our tournaments, need-based financial scholarships, registration fee reduction, and field improvements.  Each year many strong local businesses help to sponsor our program.  We would like to work with even more.  Our goal is to have a team sponsor for every team and to double the number of sponsors we had last year.

Here is a >link< to our CAA Baseball Softball 2015 sponsors

We need your help to identify and help us partner with great sponsors in the community.  If you know of a great local business which would like to help sponsor our program, please put them in contact with our Sponsorship Committee (me, Lenny Checheris, or Jennifer Weiner).  If you are interested in joining our committee please contact us as well.  


CAA  levels of CAA sponsorship
  • PLATINUM: $5,000:  Acknowledgment of sponsor at all major CAA events including but not limited to tournaments and CAA fundraisers, logo on CAA main page, logo on each individual sports pages, mass emails/newspaper/programs acknowledgements, sponsor web link and plaque.

  • GOLD: $2,500 Logo on CAA main page, logo on individual sports pages, mass emails/newspaper/programs acknowledgements, sponsor web link and plaque.

  • SILVER: $1,000 Logo on individual sports page, mass emails/newspaper acknowledgement, sponsor web link and plaque.

  • BRONZE: $500 Logo on individual sports page and plaque

  • TEAM: $350.  Logo on the team's jersey and plaque

by posted 11/14/2015
Exchange Items
Exchange Item Widget on Front Page (swap, lost and found, or for sale items)

This widget is used to list items for sale, found, lost, swap or for items that are wanted.

After you post an item, you'll get a form asking for a "key" before the message is actually posted.  This "key" is emailed to you at the address you give on the Exchange Item entry form.  Once you receive this email, enter the number on the form, and your item will be posted.

This is a great place to sell last year's bats!!!

Baseball/Softball Front Page: http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/

Exchange Item widget is on the Right Side of the BB/SB Front Page.

by posted 01/18/2012
Weather Cancelation Notifications
As a reminder:

Current day weather cancelations will be posted on the CAA BB/SB Front Page by 4:00 PM (if the cities close the fields).

Emails and text messages will also be sent by 4:00 PM.

After 4:00 PM (and the cities have not closed the fields per the above), it is up to the coaches/umpire to determine if the practice/game should be held.

Coaches can use their Manager Password to send an email and text message to their teams if necessary.

If no notification is sent out, meet at the field...
by posted 04/21/2011
Dugout Club Activities